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Tally Prime Bom Prototype HDI PCB Symphony Cooler PCB Board HASL LF

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CESGATE
Certification: UL、IATF16949、ISO9001
Model Number: N/A
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS( NO MOQ)
Price: Negotiable (Depends on your GERBER and BOM)
Packaging Details: PCB: Vacuum Packing / PCBA: ESD Packing
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 30,000pcs/month
Product Name: Symphony Cooler Pcb Board Price Assembly Prototype HDI PCB Tally Prime Bom Feature: Tally Prime Bom
Surface Finishing: HASL-LF/OSP/ENIG Etc Solder Mask: Green, White Black Green Blue Red, Green Or Other Color As You Want, Green/blue, Green Black Bule White
Certificate: ISO9001/Iso14001/CE/ROHS Testing Service: 100% Electrical Test, Fly-probe, Function Testing, 100% E-testing, Flying Probe Testing
Service: 24Hours Technical Services
High Light:

Symphony Cooler PCB Board HASL LF


tally prime bom Symphony Cooler PCB Board


tally prime bom Prototype HDI PCB

Symphony Cooler Pcb Board Price Assembly Prototype HDI PCB Tally Prime Bom


Types and uses of PCBD
(A) 4-layer board
The substrate material is mainly epoxy glass fiber cloth. The main uses are personal computers, medical electronic equipment, measuring instruments, semiconductor testing machines, numerical control machines, electronic switches, communication machines, memory circuit boards, IC cards, etc.
(B) 6-8 layer board
The substrate material is still mainly epoxy resin glass fiber cloth. Most of them are used in electronic switches, semiconductor testing machines, mid-range personal computers, engineering workstations and other machines.
(C) 10 layers or more
The material is mainly glass benzene resin material, or epoxy resin is used as the multi-layer PCB substrate material. The application of this type of PCB is special, and it is used in large industrial computers, high-speed computers, defense machines, communication machines, etc.


Residential and Storefront Applications

In addition to the uses listed above, HDI PCB LEDs are gaining popularity in homes and businesses in the form of signage and displays. Smart LED lighting is an inexpensive way for homeowners to effectively light their homes, and customizable LED displays can direct business to storefronts.
While LEDs are useful in a variety of applications, LEDs tend to be temperature-sensitive. As the average temperature of the fixture increases, the lifespan of LED bulbs decreases. While many traditional PCBs provide excellent functionality, not all HDI PCBs are suitable for LED applications. When paired with LEDs, some PCBs may not transfer heat fast enough to provide a stable temperature environment for the LEDs to operate at peak efficiency. To perform optimally in lighting applications, a PCB designed for LEDs must be designed to maximize heat transfer capabilities.
For this, an aluminum back HDI PCB is the perfect solution. Most high lumen output LED applications use aluminum back PCBs, primarily for the higher levels of heat transfer that can be achieved with aluminum PCBs. In this way, the PCB does not require additional heat sinks in the design, but other heat sinks can be added to further improve the heat transfer capability of the HDI PCB. However, incorporating the heat sink into the PCB base itself allows manufacturers and end users to achieve more compact designs at a lower cost.


PCB Capacities and Technical Specification


NO. Items Capabilities
1 Layers 2-68L
2 Maximum machining size 600mm*1200mm
3 Board thickness 0.2mm-6.5mm
4 Copper thickness 0.5oz-28oz
5 Min trace/space 2.0mil/2.0mil
6 Minimum finished aperture 0. 10mm
7 Maximum thickness to diameter ratio 15:1
8 Via treatment Via, blind&buried via, via in pad, Copper in via …
9 Surface finish/treatment HASL/HASL lead free, Chemical tin, Chemical Gold, Immersion gold Inmersion Silver/Gold, Osp, Gold Plating
10 Base Material FR408 FR408HR, PCL-370HR;IT180A, Megtron 6(Panasonic);Rogers4350,
Rogers4003, RO3003, Rogers/Taconic/Arlon/Nelco laminate with FR-4 material(including partial Ro4350B hybrid laminating with FR-4)
11 Solder mask color Green.Black.Red.Yellow.White.Blue.Purple.Matte Green. Matte Black
12 Testing Service AOI, X-Ray, Flying-Probe, Function Test, First Article Tester
13 Profiling Punching Routing,V-CUT,Beveling
14 Bow&twist ≤0.5%
15 HDI type 1+n+1,2+n+2,3+n+3
16 Min mechanical aperture 0.1mm
17 Min laser aperture 0.075mm



Who are we?

PCB manufacturer located in Chengdu.
Over 300 total staff
25,000sqm production capacity
Advanced automatic production equipments
Offers various kinds PCBs, small to medium to mass quantity orders
Major markets include domestic China, Asia, Europe and North America
Customers include OEM/ODM factories, PCBA factories, EMS, trading companies


Tally Prime Bom Prototype HDI PCB Symphony Cooler PCB Board HASL LF 0Tally Prime Bom Prototype HDI PCB Symphony Cooler PCB Board HASL LF 1Tally Prime Bom Prototype HDI PCB Symphony Cooler PCB Board HASL LF 2Tally Prime Bom Prototype HDI PCB Symphony Cooler PCB Board HASL LF 3Tally Prime Bom Prototype HDI PCB Symphony Cooler PCB Board HASL LF 4Tally Prime Bom Prototype HDI PCB Symphony Cooler PCB Board HASL LF 5Tally Prime Bom Prototype HDI PCB Symphony Cooler PCB Board HASL LF 6



Q: How long does it take for PCB quote?
CESGATE: Normally 12 hours to 48 hours as soon as receive internal engineer evaluate confirmation.
Q: What is the difference between the HDI board and the general circuit board?
CESGATE: Most of HDI use laser to form holes, while general circuit boards only use mechanical drilling, and HDI boards are manufactured by the build-up method (Build Up), so more layers will be added, while general circuit boards are only added once.
Q: What does CESGATE need for a customized PCBA order?
CESGATE: When you place a PCBA order, you need to provide Gerber or pcb file and the BOM list to us.
Q: How long is the shelf life of the PCB board and how should it be stored?
CESGATE: 25℃ / 60%RH is recommended when the PCB is stored. The plate itself has no shelf life, but if it exceeds three months, it needs to be baked to remove moisture and stress, and it should be used immediately after baking. It is recommended that the pieces should be loaded within 6 months of storage to reduce the phenomenon of rejection and explosion.
Q: What certificates do you have?
CESGATE: We have ISO 9001, ISO14001 and UL certificates.





Contact Details

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