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Production Line
  • Laser Drilling Machine
  • E-Spray Coater
  • Vacuum Lamination Machine
  • 2Dinspection machine
  • Laser Character Printer

CESGATE has been a professional supplier of PCB fabrication, PCB assembly and components sourcing turnkey solutions since 2010. With a strong sales and technical support team, CESGATE is online 24 hours per day to meet customers' needs. Dedicated to improving prototypes for design engineers through the production process, from quotation to delivery, from PCB design and layout, PCB fabrication and turnkey PCB assembly, CESGATE offers unparalleled customer services.

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CESGATE have the ISO9001 & TS16949 certified. And 85% of our sales are oversea sales and export to Europe, United sates and Asian. Most of our boards are used for Aerospace, Military, Medical, Semiconductor, industrial, power, and other products. No matter what your company's main product is, CESGATE's production capacity and product coverage can always meet your needs.

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CESGATE enterprise management system adopts Jiulianhuan ERP. We advocate technological innovation, give full play to the leading role of new technology in enterprise operation, meet the various needs of customers as our responsibility, and provide customers with comprehensive technical support and services related to printed boards.

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Our products include: multilayer PCB, high frequency PCB, metal base (core) PCB, high Tg thick copper foil PCB, planar winding PCB, mixed dielectric PCB, HDI, rigid-flex PCB, special substrates and customized for various specific requirements printed circuit board. Our products are widely used in high-tech fields such as communication, power supply, computer network, digital products, industrial control, science and education, medical treatment, aerospace and national defense.

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PCB component sourcing is very critical and should be done through experienced suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers. We have worldwide networking and link to experts who can help you get the best in the market. As an experienced supplier, we can identify counterfeits and provide other services which are relevant during component sourcing like product testing. Therefore, PCB component sourcing should be treated with a lot of care because its success determines final product quality.

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Still having problems with PCB/SMT/components sourcing, talk to us today.



Equipment display  


There is cutting-edge mounting and testing equipment in Cesgate, which can be affixed with 01005,0201, BGA Pich 0.25mm, and other precision components, thus providing customers with high quality and High-reliability range of products and services. Targeted to Asian, European, and American countries, the company implements the ATF16949:2016 system with productions that meet the requirement of EU’s lead free, also we can undertake high precision SMT patch of FPC soft circuit board.

In the field of ODM, OEM, as an experienced company possessed of decades of rich electronic manufacturing service experience, our accumulation of R & D and PCBA processing and manufacturing capabilities makes us competent for customers' electronics ODM and OEM tasks. We aspire to fully play our technical and management service capabilities and continuously create value for customers. After years of technical accumulation, based on the experience in ARM, FPGA, CPLD, DSP, AVR, and PIC development, CESGATE R & D engineers can customize exclusive products and provide sophisticated ODM and OEM service for you.

In order to meet the continuous development and production needs of different customers and the development of ourselves, CESGATE has imported the advanced machinery from the US, Japan, Germany, and Israel to improve our production and technical ability. Machinery like:

Automatic Sheets Cutting, C SUN Exposure Machine, Solder Mask Exposure, Flying Probe Tester, Germany Schmoll Drilling Machine, Lamination Pressing Line, FUJI-XPF, FUJI NXT III, FUJI AIMEX III, 12 Temperature Zone Lead-Free Reflow Oven, SPI-Automatic 3D Solder Paste Thickness Gauge, First Article Inspection, 3D X-RAY, etc.

The following are some of our PCB and PCBA equipments displays for your reference:

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Chengdu Cesgate Technology Co., Ltd factory production line 1

Chengdu Cesgate Technology Co., Ltd factory production line 2

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CESGATE uses top PCB laminate materials, stanard FR-4 is SHENGYI S1000H TG150. CESGATE continues in-depth study about high frequency, high speed and PTFE materials. As a R&D base of Shengyi new materilas, CESGATE leads in the technology of using alternative choices of high frequency/high speed materials.
Vendor Model Material type High frequency range Dk Df
SHENG YI S7038 High speed ≤10GHz 3.84 10GHz 0.0100 10GHz
SHENG YI S7439 High speed ≤8GHz 4.05 10GHz 0.0068 10GHz
Panasonic R5725(M4) High speed 5-10GHz 3.8 0.007
Panasonic R5775(M6) High speed 5-20GHz 3.4 0.004
Panasonic R5785(M7) High speed 5-30GHz 3.6 0.003
Panasonic R5785N(M7) High speed 5-30GHz 3.35 0.002
TUC TU-872 SLK High speed 5-8GHz 3.8 0.008
TUC TU-872 SLK sp High speed 5-20GHz 3.5 0.007
TUC ThunderClad 1 High speed 5-10GHz 4 0.009
TUC ThunderClad 2 Sp High speed 5-20GHz 3.2 0.003
Rogers Ro3003 High frequency 300MHz-77GHz 3.00±0.04 0.001
Rogers Ro3006 High frequency 300MHz-77GHz 6.15±0.15 0.002
Rogers Ro3010 High frequency 300MHz-77GHz 10.2±0.3 0.0022
Rogers Ro3035 High frequency 300MHz-77GHz 3.50±0.05 0.0015
Rogers Ro3203 High frequency 300MHz-77GHz 3.00±0.04 0.0016
Rogers Ro4003 High frequency 300MHz-40GHz 3.38±0.05 0.0027
Rogers Ro4350B High frequency 300MHz-40GHz 3.48±0.05 0.0037
Rogers Ro4835 High frequency 300MHz-40GHz 3.48±0.05 0.0037
Rogers RT 5880 High frequency 300MHz-40GHz 2.2±0.02 0.0004
Rogers RT 6006 High frequency 300MHz-40GHz 6.15±0.15 0.0027
Rogers RT 6010 High frequency 300MHz-40GHz 10.2±0.25 0.0023


SMT workshop are newly equipped with 12 full self-service, high-precision, high-speed SMT production lines, all provided by world-class equipment companies: Yamaha YSM20, Panasonic FNPM-D3 and other cutting-edge high-speed mounting equipment.

  • Monthly mounting capacity: reach 50 million items; SMT component size: CHIP 01005 (British) ~ 100-90-21mmic. 0201 SMT component in workshop,0.2MM BGA mounting capacity and quality control ability are all very mature. Also there is a mature lead-free welding manufacture procedure.
  • Services available: Specialized in providing overall PCBA electronic manufacturing service, including upstream electronic components procurement to PCB production and processing and SMT, DIP plug-in, PCBA testing, assembly of finished product and other one-stop services.We can also be OEM replacement material, SMT sampling with well-equipped materials within 24H delivery, urgent 8H!


SMT process flow

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Equipment Capacity

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PCB Fabrication

CESGATE has a technical research and development team, equipped with full-time research and development personnel. The company's technical personnel account for 22% of the total number of employees, and the research and development topics are derived from market demand and projects independently selected by the company according to the development of the industry. On average, 3-5 new and special products are developed every month according to market needs, and they are introduced to customers promptly and carry out technical exchanges. In the process of technology development, the technical difficulties that have been overcome have gradually formed our technology to precipitate the special materials and special production methods required in the development process of special products, with sufficient resources and good cooperation. The establishment of CESGATE R&D Technology Center and CESGATE Technical Committee adds strength to the company's technological development.

The following is a display of some of our PCB process capabilities:

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PCB Assembly

Existing 12 SMT production line, equipped with advanced imported FUJI XPF, NXT3, automatic temperature range of solder paste printer, ten Temperature reflow ovens, AOI, SPI, such as high-end equipment, SMT production capacity 13 million solder joints/day, especially good at the veneer of high precision, high complexity, have to produce 40000 + solder joint complicated veneer actual performance.


SMT capability 1300kk welding spot/day Mount component specifications Min package 03015 Chip/0.35 PITCH BGA
SMT lines 12 Min accuracy ±0.04mm
Reject rate Resistance-capacitance: 0.3% Accuracy for IC ±0.03mm
IC: 0% Mount PCB specifications PCB size 50*50mm - 686*508mm
Veneer type POP/Ordinary PCB/FPC/Rigid-Flex PCB/Metal substrate PCB thickness 0.3-6.5mm