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Surface Finishing HASL FR-4 High Tg PCB Assembly Semiconductor Motherboard

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Cesgate
Certification: UL, IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001
Model Number: NA
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS( NO MOQ)
Price: $1.00
Packaging Details: PCB: Vacuum Packing / PCBA: ESD + vacuum Packing
Delivery Time: 3-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 13kk soldering spot/day
PCB Size: Max 610mm * 1200mm Min. Hole Size: 0.1mm
Min. Line Spacing/Width: 2.5mil / 2.5mil Silk Screen: White, Black, Yellow, Etc.
Copper Thickness: 0.5OZ - 12OZ PCB Thickness: 0.2mm - 10.0mm
PCB Layer: 2-68 Layers Product Type: PCB Assembly Service


  • Smaller components.
  • Much higher component density (components per unit area) and many more connections per component.
  • Components can be placed on both sides of the circuit board.
  • Higher density of connections because holes do not block routing space on inner layers, nor on back-side layers if components are mounted on only one side of the PCB.
  • Small errors in component placement are corrected automatically as the surface tension of molten solder pulls components into alignment with solder pads. (On the other hand, through-hole components cannot be slightly misaligned, because once the leads are through the holes, the components are fully aligned and cannot move laterally out of alignment.)
  • Better mechanical performance under shock and vibration conditions (partly due to lower mass, and partly due to less cantilevering)
  • Lower resistance and inductance at the connection; consequently, fewer unwanted RF signal effects and better and more predictable high-frequency performance.
  • Better EMC performance (lower radiated emissions) due to the smaller radiation loop area (because of the smaller package) and the lesser lead inductance.[16]
  • Fewer holes need to be drilled. (Drilling PCBs is time-consuming and expensive.)
  • Lower initial cost and time of setting up for mass production, using automated equipment.
  • Simpler and faster automated assembly. Some placement machines are capable of placing more than 136,000 components per hour.
  • Many SMT parts cost less than equivalent through-hole parts.
Surface Finishing HASL FR-4 High Tg PCB Assembly Semiconductor Motherboard 0Surface Finishing HASL FR-4 High Tg PCB Assembly Semiconductor Motherboard 1

Who are we:

  • PCB manufacturer located in Chengdu.
  • Over 300 total staff
  • 25,000sqm production capacity
  • Advanced automatic production equipments
  • Offers various kinds PCBs, small to medium to mass quantity orders
  • Major markets include domestic China, Asia, Europe and North America
  • Customers include OEM/ODM factories, PCBA factories, EMS, trading companies

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Surface Finish HASL, ENIG, OSP, Etc.
PCB Thickness 0.2mm - 10.0mm
PCB Size Max 610mm * 1200mm
Min. Line Spacing/Width 2.5mil / 2.5mil
Testing AOI, X-Ray, Flying Probe, Etc.
PCB Layer 2-68 Layers
Copper Thickness 0.5OZ - 12OZ
Material FR-4, FR-4 High Tg, Rogers, Etc.
Solder Mask Green, Blue, White, Black, Etc.
Min. Hole Size 0.1mm
Electronic Component Assembly Yes
PCB Assembly Service Yes

Automotive applications:

Cars are increasingly dependent on the electronic components of the modern era. While in the past electronic circuits were really only suitable for headlight switches and windshield wipers, modern cars use electronics for more purposes.
Today's automobiles take advantage of evolving electronic circuit technology to incorporate PCBs into several new applications. PCBs using high frequency signals such as RF, microwave or millimeter wave frequencies are often used in sensor applications that are now common in automobiles. In fact, once relegated to military vehicles, radar technology is now common in modern cars, helping cars avoid collisions, monitor blind spots, and adapt to traffic conditions when the vehicle is under cruise control.
These advanced systems bring better safety to the road while providing an improved driving experience, which is why they have become so popular in today's motor vehicles. As a result, manufacturers of these systems must source and use more advanced high-frequency printed circuit boards and related materials.
Some common applications of PCBs in automobiles include:
1. Surrounding Monitors: Newer car models are often designed with numerous safety systems to help drivers monitor blind spots and judge distances more accurately. Many cars are now equipped with full perimeter surveillance systems that use radar or cameras to measure distances and alert drivers to nearby objects. These systems require high-quality PCBs to function properly.
2. Control Systems: Automotive control systems, including engine management systems, fuel regulators, and power supplies, use PCB-based electronics to monitor and manage resources. Some control systems even drive the car for the driver in certain situations. For example, some cars on the market today offer automatic parallel parking.
3. Navigation devices: Existing navigation devices, common in modern vehicles, use GPS computers to help drivers find their way in unfamiliar areas or determine the fastest route to a destination.
4. Audio and video equipment: Many cars on the market today have advanced dashboards that connect the vehicle to the radio or to the passenger's phone or music equipment. Additionally, many family vehicles utilize passenger movie screens to occupy passengers during long rides. All of these devices are controlled using PCB-based electronics.
In any of these automotive PCB applications, specific design issues must be considered. For example, the high-vibration environment of an automobile can place a lot of strain on a standard rigid PCB. Therefore, instead of rigid PCBs, many automotive electronics manufacturers use flexible PCBs, which in addition to being small and lightweight, are more resistant to vibration. Therefore, the challenge is to manufacture enough high-frequency, flexible PCBs to meet the needs of the large automotive industry.

 Surface Finishing HASL FR-4 High Tg PCB Assembly Semiconductor Motherboard 2Surface Finishing HASL FR-4 High Tg PCB Assembly Semiconductor Motherboard 3Surface Finishing HASL FR-4 High Tg PCB Assembly Semiconductor Motherboard 4Surface Finishing HASL FR-4 High Tg PCB Assembly Semiconductor Motherboard 5


PCB Assembly Service

Cesgate provides PCB Assembly Service with the following features:

Cesgate offers quality Soldering and Assembly Service, China-Made Assembly Service for your PCB needs.





Q: What are the common substrates of CESGATE?
A:Tg-140: ISOLA FR402 / NAN-YA NP-140
Tg-150: ISOLA IS400 / NAN-YA NP-155
Tg-170~180: ISOLA 370HR / NPN-YA / NAN-YA NP-175F

Q. What file formats do you accept for production?
CESGATE: Gerber file: CAM350 RS274X
PCB file: Protel 99SE, P-CAD 2001 PCB
BOM: Excel (PDF,word,txt)

CESGATE: 1. We would like to offer sample if the buyer really want to make long-term relationship with us.
2. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit.
3. We respect customers as our friend and sincerely do business and make friends with them,no matter where they come from.

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