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PTFE TU872 Multilayer HASL Lead Free PCB

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CESGATE
Certification: ISO9001/ ISO14001
Model Number: NA
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS( NO MOQ)
Price: Negotiable (Depends on your GERBER and BOM)
Packaging Details: PCB: Vacuum Packing / PCBA: ESD Packing
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 30,000pcs/month
Product Name: RO3003 Materials Components BOM Sourcing Fabrication High Frequency PCB Build Feature: RO3003 Materials
Min. Line Width: 0.2mm, 3mi, 0.075mm, 0.075mm/0.075mm(3mil/3mil), 0.1 0mm Min. Hole Size: 0.20mm, 0.1mm, 8 Mil, 0.254-0.40mm, 0.1mm-1mm
Surface Finishing: HASL, OSP, ENIG, Immersion Gold, HASL Lead Free/OSP/Soft Gold/Hard Gold Service: Competitive Price, PCB/Components Sourcing/Soldering/Progamming/Testing.., PCB&PCBA, Professional Engineer, EMS/OMD/OEM/turnkey Assembly
Copper Thickness: 1oz, 1/2OZ 1OZ 2OZ 3OZ, As Your Request, 0.5-3.0 Oz, 1 Oz Base Material: RO3003, RO4350, PTFE, TU872, M4, M6
High Light:

PTFE TU872 multilayer pcb fabrication


multilayer pcb fabrication 0.20mm 0.1mm


PTFE TU872 HASL lead free pcb

RO3003 Materials Components BOM Sourcing Fabrication High Frequency PCB Build



High Frequency PCB Fabrication Process

This process involves applying to resist the outer layer through imaging.

After coating and imaging of the outer layer, you have to plate the interior layer in the same way as previously.

At this stage, the plating of the outer layer aids in protecting the copper on the outer side.


How to Choose Best Material for High Frequency PCB

Having the right material for your High Frequency PCB will minimize the chances of your circuit by sending mixed signals.

By having materials, such that have suboptimal copper foil can have severe effects on your circuit.

That is why you need to select the correct High Frequency PCB material for your circuit.

Consider Top High Frequency PCB Material Manufacturers
Several companies manufacture High Frequency PCBs. However, not all of them meet the standards international standards. Always ensure that you obtain your PCB materials from the best manufacturers. Among the top manufacturers that you can source for your PCB materials include the following.


You can choose Rogers

Rodgers is an international company with branches in America, Europe, Asia.

All of their PCB materials have proven to be reliable regarding performance.

Rodgers ltd sells laminated PCB materials that you can use to make circuit boards.

Mostly, the circuit boards materials that you can buy include Flame Retardant level 4 (FR4).

These materials can have a copper or glass fiber foil laminating both sides.

The FR4 that you can buy through Rodgers ltd are suitable for applications that have High Frequency properties.

What you will notice with purchase from this company is that they are expensive. However, the cost is worth it since the materials have a lossy characteristic in High Frequency applications.


PCB Capacities and Technical Specification


NO. Items Capabilities
1 Layers 2-68L
2 Maximum machining size 600mm*1200mm
3 Board thickness 0.2mm-6.5mm
4 Copper thickness 0.5oz-28oz
5 Min trace/space 2.0mil/2.0mil
6 Minimum finished aperture 0. 10mm
7 Maximum thickness to diameter ratio 15:1
8 Via treatment Via, blind&buried via, via in pad, Copper in via …
9 Surface finish/treatment HASL/HASL lead free, Chemical tin, Chemical Gold, Immersion gold Inmersion Silver/Gold, Osp, Gold Plating
10 Base Material FR408 FR408HR, PCL-370HR;IT180A, Megtron 6(Panasonic);Rogers4350,
Rogers4003, RO3003, Rogers/Taconic/Arlon/Nelco laminate with FR-4 material(including partial Ro4350B hybrid laminating with FR-4)
11 Solder mask color Green.Black.Red.Yellow.White.Blue.Purple.Matte Green. Matte Black
12 Testing Service AOI, X-Ray, Flying-Probe, Function Test, First Article Tester
13 Profiling Punching Routing,V-CUT,Beveling
14 Bow&twist ≤0.5%
15 HDI type 1+n+1,2+n+2,3+n+3
16 Min mechanical aperture 0.1mm
17 Min laser aperture 0.075mm



Company Introduction


CESGATE has the capability to manufacture pcb ranging from basic single sided boards up to forty layers, and provide one stop turnkey services, including pcb manufacture, assembly, components sourcing and function testing.With one-stop solution, high-end product structure, professional product development and manufacturing technology, stable quality performance and well management system,
CESGATE has established long-term and stable cooperate relations with the world's leading communication equipment , aerospace electronics and medical equipment manufacturers.


PTFE TU872 Multilayer HASL Lead Free PCB 0PTFE TU872 Multilayer HASL Lead Free PCB 1PTFE TU872 Multilayer HASL Lead Free PCB 2PTFE TU872 Multilayer HASL Lead Free PCB 3PTFE TU872 Multilayer HASL Lead Free PCB 4PTFE TU872 Multilayer HASL Lead Free PCB 5PTFE TU872 Multilayer HASL Lead Free PCB 6





Q: What is your delivery date?
CESGATE: The general sample delivery time is 6 working days for single and double-sided boards, 7 working days for 4-layer boards, and an additional working day for every 2 layers. However, if there are special processes, additional working days will be added according to the situation.
Generally, the delivery time for mass production is 10 working days for single and double-sided panels, and 15 working days for multi-layer panels. However, if there is a special process or more than a certain number of working days, the working days will be additionally increased according to the situation; you can also pay the urgent fee to shorten the number of days, please contact Contact the business specially proposed, depending on the individual situation to provide expedited days.
Q: What is the difference between the HDI board and the general circuit board?
CESGATE: Most of HDI use laser to form holes, while general circuit boards only use mechanical drilling, and HDI boards are manufactured by the build-up method (Build Up), so more layers will be added, while general circuit boards are only added once.
Q: What are the types of solder mask?
CESGATE: There are traditional epoxy resin IR baking type, UV curing type, Liquid Photo Imageable Solder Mask and Dry film solder mask. Currently, the liquid solder mask is the main type.
Q: What are the common substrates of CESGATE?
A:Tg-140: ISOLA FR402 / NAN-YA NP-140
Tg-150: ISOLA IS400 / NAN-YA NP-155
Tg-170~180: ISOLA 370HR / NPN-YA / NAN-YA NP-175F

Contact Details

Phone Number : +8613924238867

WhatsApp : +8618349393344