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What are the problems with PCB in humid environment?

August 16, 2022

In humid environment, PCB circuit board is prone to various problems, such as short circuit, circuit board signal open circuit, etc., these faults exist. How to judge PCB circuit board damp?


If the PCB board is used in a humid environment, the air contains a lot of moisture. When the humidity is too high, it will turn into water droplets and fall on the PCB, and the drops that fall on the PCB will fall on the PCB. When spread out, they attach to the pins or printed wires of electronic components.


The printed line is wet with water droplets, especially when the signal transmission line is small. After soaking for a period of time, the printed wire can mold and break, causing the board to not run the second time it is put to work.


There are three causes of moisture fault on the circuit board:

1, the change of circuit parameters in the PCB circuit board leads to the PCB board failure;

2. The circuit in the PCB circuit board is in short circuit state, resulting in the failure of the PCB circuit board;

3. The PCB circuit board signal processing or transmission line is broken, resulting in PCB board failure.