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What are PCB Assembly Processing Flow and Reliability Tests?

April 25, 2022

PCB assembly processing flow has project evaluation. When designing products, customers should carry out manufacturability design, confirm cooperation, sign contracts, material procurement, inspection and processing, etc. next, let's introduce printed circuit board assembly processing flow and reliability test?


1、 PCB assembly processing flow


1. For printed circuit board assembly processing project evaluation, customers have a very important evaluation when designing products: Design for manufacturability, which is key to the quality control of the manufacturing process.


2. Confirm the cooperation and sign the contract. After negotiation, both parties decide to cooperate and sign the contract.


3. The customer provides processing data. After the customer com pletes the product design, the customer will submit Gerber documents, BOM list and other engineering documents to the China PCB manufacturer. The China PCB board manufacturer will have special process personnel to review and confirm, and evaluate the details of steel mesh printing, patch process, plug-in process and so on.


4. For material procurement, inspection and processing, the customer prepays the electronic manufacturing company for PCB assembly processing expenses (ranging from 30% to 100%, generally 70%, and the remaining expenses shall be settled before delivery, or 100% prepayment directly), The PCB assembly China manufacturer shall purchase the components after receiving the payment, and arrange the production according to the PMC plan after the material preparation is complete.


5. SMT patch processing, dip plug-in processing, material on-line production, quality inspection after SMT patch, reflow welding, AOI detection, dip plug-in and wave soldering.


6. The quality department will conduct quality inspection, and the quality department will spot check some or all products, and repair them after finding defective products.


7. Packaging, shipment and after-sales service. All products are packaged and shipped after production and quality inspection. The packaging method is generally anti-static packaging bag. If the customer has special requirements, it will be packaged according to the customer's requirements and track the after-sales service.


2、 PCB assembly processing reliability test


1. Aging


Place the printed circuit board assembly board with OK test function under specific temperature and humidity conditions, conduct repeated on-off, simulation function operation, load operation, etc., and test the stability of PCB assembly board through 24-72 hours of continuous work. As the aging test takes a long time, it does not have the possibility of large-scale batch operation. In the actual process, the aging test is only sample sampling, and the overall yield of this batch of products is judged by the qualified rate of sampling.


2. Vibration test


During the delivery of many printed circuit board assembly boards to customers, some problems often occur due to vibration during transportation, such as component falling off, pad crack, etc. Through the vibration test, the vibration effect during transportation can be effectively simulated in the laboratory, and the hidden dangers in the welding process can be gradually exposed. So as to avoid batch poor welding to the greatest extent and improve the overall yield of delivery. At present, there are professional simulated motion vibration worktables on the market, and the price is not high. One can be purchased for 5000 yuan.


3. Surge impulse test


In the process of PCB assembly processing, it often works OK under normal voltage, but it is occasionally bad at the moment of a power surge. Many circuit designs are not perfect. They often do not consider the fatal impact of instantaneous voltage or current impact on the whole circuit, which requires us to conduct sampling surge impact experiments before the mass production of printed circuit board assembly.


4. Packaging test


This test is often ignored by everyone, resulting in a very funny problem: we spent a lot of energy to make PCB assembly board perfect, but we lost in the last link of packaging and transportation. The PCB factory shall simulate the packaging form of board and conduct appropriate drop test.


The above is the PCB assembly processing flow. What are the reliability tests? I hope today's summary can help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.