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How to check whether the drawing layout in PCB circuit board design is correct?

December 8, 2022

After the PCB circuit board wiring is completed, it is necessary to check the design rules of the circuit board to ensure whether the circuit board design meets the requirements and whether all networks are connected correctly. Commonly used inspection items in PCB design scheme rule inspection are as follows:


1. Whether the distance between wires and wires, wires and components, wires and pads, components and through holes, pads and pads is valid, and whether the manufacturing process is considered.

2. Change some unnecessary wiring.

3. Whether there is a separate ground wire for digital integrated circuits and digital circuit designs.

4. Whether the patterns added on the PCB circuit board (such as marks, labels) will cause short circuit faults of data signals.

5. Whether the boundary of the geological structure of the switching power supply in the double-layer circuit board becomes smaller, such as the bare copper of the geological structure of the switching power supply, which is easy to cause a short circuit fault.

6. Whether the total width of the power plug and the ground wire is appropriate, and whether the switching power supply and the ground wire are tightly coupled, first of all, it depends on whether there is an area where the ground wire can be widened.

7. Whether the important power lines have adopted the best countermeasure

s, such as the shortest length, adding maintenance lines, and whether there is obvious separation between input lines and output lines.

8. Whether there is a processing line on the PCB circuit board, whether the solder mask layer meets the production process requirements, whether the specification of the solder mask layer is appropriate, and whether the mark is pressed on the solder layer of the component.


The results of design scheme rule inspection can be divided into two categories: one is report output, which generates a check result table; the other is online inspection, that is, the electrical equipment rules and wiring rules of the circuit board during the whole process of PCB circuit board wiring. Check. PCB design rules include electrical equipment rules, wiring rules, rational layout rules, high-speed circuit principle rules, signal integrity rules, etc. Through the study and training in this chapter, we have a detailed grasp of the PCB design rules. Circuit boards, laying the foundation for high-performance PCB circuit boards.