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Eight Advantages Make You Having an Early Lead in the Market

April 25, 2022

Focus on Customers Requests

Customers’ increasing needs promote PCB factory continual growth. Our understanding of PCB manufacturing, assembly and material management can shorten the time, improve asset utilization, keep up with emerging technologies and master complex process technologies. Cesgate as a China PCB manufacturer, PCB’s capabilities and services enable our customers to focus on core competitiveness such as R & D, sales and marketing.

Customers Could Benefit from Our Experiences.

Most of Cesgate PCB’s employees have more than 5 years’ experiences in PCB design, EMC. Dealing with more than 295 cases per year, you’ll benefit from our enriched experiences.


Superior Technology


Cesgate PCB not only has PCB design experts, but also EMC experts and SI experts. This is why our customers enjoy collaboration with us. Our engineers are experts at DFM and DFT( design for manufacture &desig for test)


Strict Quality Assurance System.


Cesgate PCB has established a complete implementation process for standard PCB design, SI simulation, and EMC projects. To review specifications and checklists for different products based upon long-term practical experiences.


Save Your Time


Cesgate PCB fully realize the market pressure of our clients. We work 7*16 hours on shifts. Because we’re capable of handling everything in one streamlined process, all under one proof, you get the benefit of working with a company and time-line versus 3 or 4 companies and 3 or 4 timelines.

Cost-effective Design

Cesgate offers turkey services to clients with competitive prices, we will take the initiative in reducing the development cost for clients at all design stages, in this way cost-down is achieved.

Local Service

We have established our service networks in Shezhen, Changsha, Chengdu, we plan to open our office in California in the near future. Cesgate establishes the clients management systems, designates a special employee for coordination and communication with clients on their projects, and assigns the engineers who are familiar with clients products to complete the design work.

Turnkey Solution

Cesgate PCB provides turnkey services including PCB manufacturing service and assembly with components sourcing.


Cesgate PCB provides turnkey services including PCB manufacturing service and assembly with components sourcing.