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Cesgate - PCB Prototype & PCB Assembly & China PCB manufacturer

April 25, 2022

Cesgate is a China PCB manufacturer and UL certified electronic manufacturing company with the file number (E501497). Cesgate fabricates 2 to 50 layers PCB which includes rigid, Flex HDI, and Rigid-flex boards. From small to mass production, high quality and low-cost production is our main focus. Moreover, we are manufacturing 400,000 pieces and 30,000 square meters of PCB board manufacturer in China per month. We are one of the top China PCB manufacturer and our professional team mainly focuses on quality control. Our PCB factory has the latest high-level equipment and we bought our core machines from mainstream companies. In short, our quality, management, and core machinery are good as first-class PCB board manufacturer in China.


We are the top China PCB manufacturer from low to mass production. Cesgate coordinates the whole process which includes manufacturing, design, assembly, testing and finally shipment. You got a real product according to your design. One of the innovators in the printed circuit boards fabrication and designing. we always motivated to cope up with the ever-advancing pace of technology. Mostly the PCB board manufacturer in China is focus on mass production. But PCB China facility at Cesgate is recently advanced with the latest equipment to meet the needs of research and development activities of Cesgate and other organizations.


In brief, we are one of the top China PCB manufacturer, offer high quality service which includes layout software, PCB China Artist and necessary tool for DFM PCB files. Cesgate also provides hand-on customer service for each small and large order. We also provide an online ERP and Quoting system for customers, which is helpful and very easy to use. Hence, our professional teams with 70 Engineers, 24/7 contact access, and advanced technology of PCB turns the customer toward China PCB manufacturer (Cesgate).